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The world today is not always a safe and stable place. If you have ever feared for your life or experienced severe or threatening conditions you might find yourself seeking asylum or refuge. The United States try to help those in need. Over the ages the US have become the safe heavens for millions of people. Today those with a refugee or asylee status can become lawful American citizens.

If you entered the United States as a refugee or asylee, or their qualifying family members you can apply for a green card in 1-year time.

Remember: according to the law, as a refugee you have to apply for permanent residence. If you were granted asylum, you are not required to apply for a green card, although it may be in your best interests.

For refugee status holders

You are eligible to apply for US permanent residence, if:

  • · You have spent at least 1 year in the United States after being admitted as a refugee;
  • · Your refugee admission has not been terminated;
  • · You have not got a green card yet.

To apply for a permanent resident status you have to file Form O-485 and provide supporting evidence. The list of additional documents is as follows:

  • · Evidence of a refugee status (e.g.  a readable cope of your I-94 card or a copy of Employment Authorization Document);
  • · Form G-28, signed by you and the attorney (if applicable);
  • · Form G-325A;
  • · Medical report Form I-693, signed by you and the civil surgeon. The Form should only provide information about vaccination. Complete Form is required only if there were medical grounds for inadmission at the time of your arrival in the US;
  • · Proof of any legal name change;
  • · 2 photos.


For asylum status holders

If you were granted asylum you can apply for US permanent residence 1 year after your admission to the United States. Your immediate relatives can also apply for a green card.

By law you are not required to apply for residence but it may be in your best interests. If circumstances in your home country change you might no longer qualify for asylum status.

You are eligible to apply, if:

  • · You meet the definition of asylee;
  • · You have been present in the United States for at least 1 year;
  • · You have not abandoned you asylee status;
  • · You are still admissible in the US.

Application procedure includes filing Form I-485 and providing the following supporting documents:

  • · Your I-94 card copy;
  • · Applicable fees;
  • · Your biography in a completed Form G-325A;
  • · Form I-602, completed and signed (if required);
  • · Medical report Form I-693, completed and signed (if required);
  • · 2 photos.

Note that any document in a foreign language must be submitted together with a certified English translation.

If you apply together with you family members, you must submit a separate Form I-485 for each family member. You have to mail all the forms together as a family application packet.


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